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Driving digital innovations to power the potential of the industry

Driving digital innovations to power the potential of the industry

Dreija​ is a software development company located in Helsinki, Finland with a growing network of partners worldwide. We bring together data science, strategy and engineering to build cutting-edge AI/ML and IoT solutions as well as custom software development for industry-leading companies.

Dreija AI-based Maintenance

Big data analytics for predictive maintenance

Dreija Factory Online 365

Bring sensors and machine data into cloud ERP

Data Science and AI

Data Science solutions have served as key accelerators for today’s business and as some of the most powerful enablers of digital transformation. These are the instruments for deriving valuable information from big data that take companies to the next level, either by improving current products and services or by enabling the new innovative strategies.

Data science is the process of using algorithms, methods and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data. Data scientists are analytical experts who utilise their skills in both technology and industry knowledge to find trends and manage data. Data science relies on machine learning, big data technologies, statistics, programming, and domain-specific technologies as the main tools.

Popular Data Science solutions:

  • Manufacturing: predictive maintenance and quality prediction solutions

  • Finance: machine learning based credit scoring and fraud detection

  • Warehousing and distribution: workforce management optimisation, demand and shipment time forecasting

  • Retail: recommendation systems, goods shelf planning


With hands-on experience in machine learning, our data scientists are ready to help companies solve complex industry problems such as predictive maintenance, predictive quality or business process optimisation.

We utilise big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistical analysis, fuzzy logic, pattern recognition, artificial neural networks and other technologies to enable customer digital transformation and provide a unique competitive advantage.


Dreija AI-based Maintenance solution performs real time analysis of raw data from IoT sensors as well as data coming from condition monitoring, MES and EAM systems to spot the early signs of equipment failures and detect even tiny anomalies before they develop into costly incident.


Automation and IoT

The number of devices that gather real-time data is growing at an accelerating pace. Data only becomes valuable information when it is combined, analysed and clearly presented to the user.

The goal of Industrial IoT is to remove manual work stages, improve visibility, and increase predictability in your company’s business activities.

Business Systems

The day-to-day operations of companies and organisations rely on business solutions such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and warehouse management (WMS) systems. Business systems take care of the core processes of organisations and support employees in their daily work.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management are innovative Microsoft cloud-based business systems that bring together key areas of your business, such as sales, finance, production and warehousing. Utilising latest cloud technologies, modern ERP and WMS systems help customers gain true real-time visibility and flexibility of their business processes, while keeping operating costs on a reasonable level.


Dreija provides integration and maintenance solutions, as well as custom development and technical audit services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 business systems.

Our solutions utilize both the native extension capabilities of Dynamics 365 as well as the flexibility of Microsoft Power Platform.

Our new service that is rapidly gaining popularity is the assistance in successful adoption of the latest Microsoft add-ins for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations:


  • IoT Intelligence
  • Data Lake
  • Inventory Visibility
  • Application Insights

Dreija 365 Monitoring Platform

Dreija Factory Online 365

Dreija 365 Monitoring Platform is a cloud performance monitoring solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management products.


Dreija 365 Monitoring key features:

  • Continuous automatic monitoring​ with flexible alerting
  • All types of environments are supported​ starting from Tier-2
  • Business and technical level reports​ (including D365 version upgrade assessment report)

Dreija Factory Online 365

Dreija Factory Online 365 is an Industrial IoT solution built specifically for Dynamics 365 on top of Microsoft Azure IoT Edge and Cloud technologies:


  • IoT Edge modules to directly communicate with weight terminals and weight checkers, pick-to-light and pick-to-voice devices, RFID and barcode readers, label printers, as well as different types of MES and HMI systems
  • Cloud services to share data across Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem (Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Power BI, Power App, etc.) and beyond

Custom Solutions

With more than 20 years of experience in software engineering, across desktop, web and mobile technologies, we are the software product development partner of choice for the manufacturing, logistics, retail and service industries.

Our software engineering services help you every step of the way – from advice, early concepts and feasibility, all the way to complete software R&D outsourcing.


Full remote team or an existing team extension

  • Data scientists and data engineers
  • Backend and frontend developers​
  • Independent Quality Assurance
  • DevOps as a service


From Proof of Concept to the full-featured product

  • Cloud and edge solutions
  • Mobile, desktop and web applications


Lean approach

  • Scrum and Kanban methodologies​
  • ​Full development lifecycle​

Technologies we use

About us

Dreija​ is a software development company located in Helsinki, Finland with a growing network of partners worldwide.

Founded by 2 industry veterans with over 20 years of experience in software development, we have seen over the years the powerful impact that IoT and AI have on businesses. Inspired by a long history of industrial automation in Finland, we have set out to start our own company in this field. We come to work every day because we believe there is always a way to improve our customer’s processes and drive their success even further.

Dreija (Finnish) – pottery wheel. One of the oldest automation devices in human history